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Does Quora Pays on a Per-View Basis?

Does Quora Pay its writers on a per-view basis? Curious to know? Let's Find Out!

Quora is a simple question-and-answer platform where you may ask your question and answer others' questions. Those who are knowledgeable in a particular subject respond to these queries. Similarly, if you know the subject, you can answer a question.
Quora pay on a per-view

Tips For Making Money On Quora

The best and easiest internet income source is Quora. But Quora also hosts a competition. Yet, if you work hard and consistently, you can accomplish your objectives quickly. Consistency is necessary, and you should write quality content. Your writing style should engage with the community. However, It just requires a small amount of work. Quora makes creating a blog or online portfolio simple compared to other platforms. 

How to earn on Quora?

You can see advertisements on your post or content based on views and interaction. The main way that Quora makes money is through these advertisements. Quora does not pay you out of its funds. Be specific about the sources of income.

Following are Quora's primary revenue streams: 

  • Post Traffic Or Views: Depending on your post's traffic, Quora will post ads on your post which you can earn. 
  • Subscription: Another option to make money on Quora is through a subscription. You will see the subscription option during the monetization process covered in the previous section. For your space, you can establish a subscription cost. Individuals who subscribe to you will pay a certain subscription price in exchange for full access to your space's content.
  • Promote your website: Promoting your website or blog is the third approach to making money on Quora. A huge source of traffic for your website or blog is Quora. If you have a website, you may post the Quora links to your articles to drive additional traffic there. For instance, you may also publish the link to your Medium piece on Quora.

How much does Quora Pay Per View?

Quora Pays its writer on a Per view Basis is a myth, they don't provide exact official data of how much it pays you per view, and it has a strange system. Many users have witnessed a sudden hike in their revenue. All we can do is assume the people who got paid. For example, if a person got 100,000 views of his content then how much Quora will pay the person? 

Some Case Study

In the year 2020, I joined Quora without any plans to profit from it. I found it intriguing and natural to ask questions. I then posed roughly 20 questions for which I needed an answer. About two months after I first started, I received an email from Quora informing me that I had been invited to become a Quora Partner. As a Quora Partner, you get a share of ad revenue from your questions. Unfortunately, the program is by invitation only. So, getting invited requires being one of the lucky few. Soon I started asking questions daily, and my daily earnings went from 0.1 to 8 dollars daily in about one month. In the second month, I asked my first viral question about Human rights. The question got about 2000 and almost 100,000 views on the first day.

Throughout my viral question, my earnings quickly increased to two-digit numbers. Just after the first day, my question blew up on the website. About four days after I published the post, it got about 8000 Views in 1 day. It isn't that big of a number, but it is a viral question for the platform quora. On the first day, this question earned about $6, and overall from September to June, $40. That's a good number because the writing process took about one minute. So the CPM of this question was about $0.5 per 1000 Views. Since the question didn't include many keywords, the CPM is relatively good.

The amount you make on Quora can vary greatly, but on average, I get $40-$50 for 100,000 views. Factors like keywords and topics can determine how much ads pay, but the best way to make the most out of your question is to present it interestingly and intriguingly.

Case Study 2:-

That was an interesting story; Another person shared his 6-month history:-

I had to put in much effort when I launched the "Food and Recipes" Quora space. I shared posts and posed questions every day. A few days after I joined the program, my first earnings started to appear. It cost $0.01. A few days later, it rose by $0.01 per week and then every day. It quickly rose to $6 one day. Then it raised again after a month by $2–$3 twice or more. Finally, the space's revenue hit $10 two days ago. To get $11, it took my office more than six months.

There is also a rare case of one person who has been on quora for one and a half years and answered over 2000 questions but didn't get any payment. The Main motive of yours is to be consistent and love what you are doing, and eventually, you will get paid if you are enrolled in the quora partner program.


To Monetize your Space, click on the right side of your profile, and you will see a monetization option—click on it—create space and enable all earning programs. And Once you have done according to the above instructions, your payment program will be initiated, and you will be able to receive payment according to your post.


Quora does not pay its writers on a per-view basis. Besides paying per view, Quora has a Quora Partner Program. This program can be run only by invitation, and only selected writers can post ads on their content and earn money. The amount varies by various factors, but there is no official data on how much Quora pays for each view. The amount of money can be affected by Keywords used in the content, the topic of the content, readability, and engagement. Quora also provides different methods to earn money, like subscriptions or promoting other's websites or blogs. Being trustworthy and producing worthwhile content for your audience is the most crucial thing to keep in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Quora?

You can ask questions and provide answers on Quora, a straightforward question-and-answer website.

Does Quora Pays on Per-View Basis?

No, Quora doesn't pay on a per-view basis. Rather, their system is strange and depends on ads.

How does Quora Pay Its Writers?

Quora doesn't pay from their pocket. Rather, they write from ads on their post.

Can anyone become a Quora Partner and earn money from their questions?

Yes, anyone can become a Quora Partner by giving relevant answers to the question, and if your answer gets many views, you will get paid.

Can I monetize my existing Quora account or create a separate space to earn money?

You can monetize your existing Quora account without creating a space. You can sell ads and premium content on your existing Quora account and generate revenue.

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